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I just finished re-watching SPN season 6 on my dvr. I didn't like season 6 as much as the rest of the seasons. I didn't like Soulless Sammy and I didn't like Castiel skulking around with Crowley. I did like Crowley, but I always like him. I didn't really like the Lisa storyline. I like Lisa, I just don't like the way she doesn't seem to have any existence outside of being Dean's haven and Ben's mother. Did she even have a job?

But the part of the season I liked the least was the fact that Dean was lied to and got his heart broken by everyone he loved--Sam, Bobby, Castiel, Lisa and Ben.

The season 5 two part finale was one of the best finales of the whole show, so the contrast in how much I didn't like the beginning of season 6 was pretty stark. I had a hard time watching season 6, and even skipped a couple of episodes during the rewatch (except for "The French Mistake--I watched that twice).

Anyway, I thought the end of last season was pretty brilliant as well, so I'm relieved that I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode of this new season. I liked this trip inside Sam's head better than the ones with Lucifer, and Dean was awesome. I need to rewatch it to get a better handle on it, but overall it didn't make me want to punch someone like the season 6 opener did.

Okay, just rewatched this season's premiere, and yes, I liked it a lot. I'm looking forward to seeing where all this is going. Sam with his "angel pacemaker," Castiel with his adventures in being human, all the angels on the lookout for Castiel and the boys, Dean being his usual emo awesome self, and how much did I love the angel APB? That was a pretty cool turn of events. I like the guy from Battlestar Galactica as an angel. And I'm interested in seeing what happens with partially cured Crowley, and what's going on with Hell. Should be a good season!
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