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2020-09-17 11:49 pm

My videos

Here are my fanvideos! The videos are in the order in which they were posted, so they get better as they go along (I think so, anyway). Please let me know what you think! Comments are greatly appreciated! :) Left click on the links.


She's Like the Wind

Only the Devil Laughed

White Wedding
80s Video Challenge

My Secret Love (Large)
My Secret Love (Small)

Gethsemane ) (Large)
Gethsemane ) (Small)

Identical Trailer (Large)
Identical Trailer (Small)
Lanning Cook's Identical Series--Clark/Lex

Put Your Lights On (Large)
Put Your Lights On (Small)
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2016-09-25 01:07 am

Maybe they just don't want tea

I know this is a year old, but I just saw it for the first time

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2015-06-26 08:04 pm
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2015-04-01 08:40 pm

I like seeing people getting acting work

I have recently seen both Tiger Mommy and Sheriff Jody from Supernatural in commercials. Although I would rather see them in their own SPN spinoff, it's nice to see them on tv.
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2015-03-06 12:10 am

songs stuck in my head

I finally remembered, while I was at my computer, that I've been wanting to find a video of Snorky from the old Beany and Cecil show. AND I also remembered to look up the Narwhals song. Now I can move on to other things. If these two things have also been on your to-do list, here ya go

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2014-07-09 12:32 am

This is a beautiful song

If you pre-order Kris Allen's new album "Horizons" on iTunes, you get an immediate download of this song. :)
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2014-06-25 09:06 pm

*le sigh*

I've never really felt old until yesterday.

Not when the gray hairs started appearing, not when I started wearing bifocals, not when I started having some new aches and pains...nope, I just kept on going.

Then yesterday the cute guy at work asked me if I had a single daughter, and I thought, "What am I, chopped liver?" (and the fact that I thought that -- old!). Well, apparently, yes, I am chopped liver.

Old chopped liver.

Too many bad things happened yesterday for it to really sink in, but tonight I came home and looked in my Joan Rivers book on plastic surgery, "Men Are Stupid, and They Like Big Boobs," and went straight to the chapter on face lifts. And after reading it, I thought, okay, I'm not THAT old. Thanks, Joan!
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2014-01-13 08:08 pm

Jim Beaver!

Jim Beaver is on Major Crimes tonight! I don't think it's a big part, but it's nice to see him :)
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2014-01-01 09:20 pm

Happy New Year!

I'm expecting 2014 to be a great year! I start my new job on Monday. It's not the one in my field that I was hoping for (still haven't heard back on that one), but it's a job I can do and will give me a regular paycheck while I look for something better, so 2014 is already starting off better than 2013 (during most of which I was unemployed).

I lost 58 pounds in 2013, and I will be continuing with that life change during 2014. Maybe I can even lose more. My goal is to lose around 200 pounds. I'm on my way! :)
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2013-12-25 06:43 pm

Merry Christmas!

I made this! It's a buche de noelle (yule log cake). Flourless chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse, frosted with whipped chocolate ganache, and decorated with meringue mushrooms. Not quite as pretty as some of the pics online, but I think it's pretty good for a first try :)

 photo buchedenoelle_zpse2ed129c.jpg
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2013-11-28 11:32 am
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2013-10-26 11:51 pm

Janelle Monae

She is adorable. I don't think I've ever seen her perform before. I need to check out her albums and maybe buy something. I like her music. I thought she was rap or hip hop, but she seems to be R&B instead.
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2013-10-21 10:10 pm


Tim Griffin, the Tea Party Repub that represents my district, has decided not to seek re-election! I'm so freakin' happy! One less TPR seat in the House. He is citing "family concerns," but I think it's more likely that his constituents (including me) have slammed him via phone, email, twitter, FB, etc. for his part in the government shut down.
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2013-10-11 05:42 pm

SPN thoughts

I just finished re-watching SPN season 6 on my dvr. I didn't like season 6 as much as the rest of the seasons. I didn't like Soulless Sammy and I didn't like Castiel skulking around with Crowley. I did like Crowley, but I always like him. I didn't really like the Lisa storyline. I like Lisa, I just don't like the way she doesn't seem to have any existence outside of being Dean's haven and Ben's mother. Did she even have a job?

But the part of the season I liked the least was the fact that Dean was lied to and got his heart broken by everyone he loved--Sam, Bobby, Castiel, Lisa and Ben.

The season 5 two part finale was one of the best finales of the whole show, so the contrast in how much I didn't like the beginning of season 6 was pretty stark. I had a hard time watching season 6, and even skipped a couple of episodes during the rewatch (except for "The French Mistake--I watched that twice).

Anyway, I thought the end of last season was pretty brilliant as well, so I'm relieved that I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode of this new season. I liked this trip inside Sam's head better than the ones with Lucifer, and Dean was awesome. I need to rewatch it to get a better handle on it, but overall it didn't make me want to punch someone like the season 6 opener did.

Okay, just rewatched this season's premiere, and yes, I liked it a lot. I'm looking forward to seeing where all this is going. Sam with his "angel pacemaker," Castiel with his adventures in being human, all the angels on the lookout for Castiel and the boys, Dean being his usual emo awesome self, and how much did I love the angel APB? That was a pretty cool turn of events. I like the guy from Battlestar Galactica as an angel. And I'm interested in seeing what happens with partially cured Crowley, and what's going on with Hell. Should be a good season!
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2013-10-11 12:40 pm
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Weight loss

I've lost fifty pounds! Yay! \o/ That's since January of this year. Slow but steady!
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2013-09-28 04:44 pm

Did it!

I finished my certification exam! I should know something within forty-five days. I know I passed the first section, I'm pretty sure I passed the second section, I'm not sure about the third section. Wait and see.
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2013-09-26 11:01 pm

I was trying to post every day this month, but...

...just hasn't happened. boo. But hey! I've posted more this month than I have in the past couple of years, I think.

I'm taking a certification exam on Saturday that I'm not really prepared for. I'm open to passing or not passing. If I don't pass, or if I only pass part of it, I can retake the whole thing or the parts in the spring, and I'll be much more prepared then.

Still having no luck finding a job in my field, but it'll happen! I keep sending out resumes.

Today is my late sister's birthday. It's been over five years, but I still miss her every day.

P.S. I do not like these new hyperlinked advertisements that LJ is forcing upon us.
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2013-09-22 10:09 pm

job search still

I applied for another job today. Fingers crossed! My massage therapist told me about this place that had a couple of people leave from the sort of position I'm looking for (she goes there once a week and does massages for the employees), so I found the company online and sent in my resume and portfolio. I hope I hear something! My MT said she would mention me to them as well. :)

It's great having a job, but it would be even greater to have a job in my field!
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2013-09-18 09:30 pm

Question for my flist and your flist! Re children's books

My niece will soon be giving birth to a daughter. My mother is looking for children's books that tell stories about mothers and daughters, but so far she hasn't found any. She is finding a LOT of books about "daddy's little girl," and her favorite--Love You Forever--is about a mother and son.

So, can anyone out there point me in the direction of mother/daughter children's books? I know nothing about kid's books except for the ones I read as a child. I looked at Jamie Lee Curtis's books, but they don't seem to fit, and I'm looking right now at Julie Andrews's books (at least they're about girls), but I'm not sure if there are mother/daughter relationships in them. See? I only know about kid's books written by celebrities.

And you know, if there are no mother/daughter children's books, why not?

Thanks for any help you can give me!
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2013-09-15 09:58 pm

"I am the prophet Chuck!"

That may be my favorite line in whole SPN series.

I'm all caught up on the SPN on TNT reruns through last Friday, and I'm really ready for the new season to start on the CW.