Sep. 10th, 2013

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Still getting caught up on the SPN reruns. I just finished the "Monster Movie" episode. I had completely forgotten about this episode. It was fun and a bit silly. A nice break from the angst of the Sam/Ruby and Dean/Castiel dichotomy.

Also, and this is out of order, random thoughts on "The French Mistake." I saw that episode a few weeks ago, and I suppose it will come around again soon.

The first time I saw that episode, I thought the title just referred to that scene in "Blazing Saddles" when the big fight scene from Blazing Saddles burst through into the "real world" where Dom DeLuise was choreographing an extremely gay dance routine to a song called "The French Mistake." This made sense to me because Sam and Dean came crashing through the window into the "real world" where people are shooting a show called "Supernatural." I didn't realize that the show was also poking fun at Jared/Jensen 'shipping. According to the Urban Dictionary, a "French Mistake" is when two straight guys get drunk and accidentally have sex and then it's all awkward the next day. (This is supposed to be what the Dom DeLuise dance number is about, as it turns out.) So when various characters (including Sam), keep saying of Sam and Dean, "Hey, at least they're talking to each other again," they're most likely alluding to a French Mistake between the two boys.

I really enjoyed that episode the first time I saw it--I like the silly, meta episodes that a lot of fans really hate--but now I enjoy it even more.


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